Friday, 22 March 2013

The Baroque

Hello Viewers!   Today's type of genre I will be talking about today is the baroque!  Here are some cool facts about the baroque era  :

  • Was originated in rome and italy, around the 1600s
  • One of the many well known composers from the baroque era include, Bach.  (I will talking more about this composer later on in this post)  
  • Is well known for the interpretation of drama and tension and it's use of ornaments are common

Bach was a well known Baroque era composer, mostly because of his common Brandenburg concertos and his little prelude works for his children to receive a better understanding of the piano.    Some baroque music includes cello choirs (only cellos).   Bach's brandenburg concerto no 6 includes a cello choir.   Here is the link for the piece :

Bach Brandenburg Concerto no 6 

Here are more of Bach's brandenburg concerto's :
If you would like to learn more about Bach, the brandenburg concertos and the Baroque era, go to :
Lastly if you would like to see another video on cello choirs, go to :

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